Black Mountain College
Museum + Arts Center
Asheville, NC

Thursday, April 25th

7 PM

at Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center
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Eugene Chadbourne

Anka is a performance duo comprised of poet/vocalist Marcyanne Hannemann and percussionist/sound artist Carmelo Pampillionio. The duo seeks to embody a form of group anagnorisis: a moment in Aristotelian tragedy wherein the character comes into a new recognition of reality. Evoking oneiric sonic and poetic landscapes, Anka’s theatrical impact recalls the ancient alien dramas of the theorist/musical auteur, Harry Partch. However, in contrast to Partch’s staunchly analogue instrumentation, Anka meditates on the processual field of voice becoming digitized, and of the digital becoming voiced. Pampillonio’s hybrid midi drum-kit suffuses Hannemann’s layered recitatives with a ritual sound of Gagaku orchestra being flushed into the Feed.

Theodore Cale Schafer is a New Mexico based musician. His work primarily consists of laptop manipulation of field recordings, digitally sourced audio, and instrumentation.

He documents ephemera from human interactions with structurally and conceptually ambient music, attempting to highlight the absurdity, cliches, and beauty of sincerity within its confines.

His recent work has considered experimental music through a millennial lens, as well as his experience of the internet via emotionally captivating compositions.

Theodore is part of the art collective Lynn and co-curates the label Looking At Your Mint alongside Natalia Panzer (NYC, Tiny Mixtapes, Refresh Gallery).