Black Mountain College
Museum + Arts Center
Asheville, NC

Friday, April 26th

7 PM

at Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center
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Sarah Louise's experimental folk combines traditional Appalachian folk with compositional tendencies, sepia-toned psychedelia, and elements such as microtonality and drone. After establishing herself as an artful composer and 12-string guitar (fingernail) picker on early releases in the mid-2010s, she introduced her warm, ethereal vocal tone on her singing and songwriting debut, 2018's Deeper Woods, her third full-length. Retaining the haunted, sinuous qualities of her sound and continuing to sing, she further explored texture on 2019's Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars, which swapped her trademark 12-string and song-specific tunings for a standard electric guitar, other acoustic instrumentation, and digital manipulation. Louise is also known as half of the neo-traditional folk duo House and Land.

DeForrest Brown, Jr. is a New York-based music writer, media theorist and curator. He has previously worked with publications such as Triple Canopy, NPR, Tiny Mix Tapes, Mixmag, FACT, and His work is concerned with speculative futures in performative contexts, programmatic intersections of technology and thought, and an enduring interest in pushing electronic music into ever-more radical and multimedia presentations that extend into collaborations across expertise and format. In 2017, he was the inaugural Suzanne Fiol Curatorial Fellow at ISSUE Project Room. He has presented work at Dixon’s Place, New Museum, MoMAPS1, Artists Space, Lampo, Signal Gallery, and Cleopatra’s. He is also one half of cataloging space/writing project Elevator to Mezzanine (E-M) with artist and musician Steven Warwick, who are developing a forthcoming project to be premiered at the Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin.

Nick James Scavo is a musician and writer based in New York City. His current area of musical focus is developing the musical style of “Necromanticism.” He works in various solo and collaborative projects with The Actual School, contributes regular reviews and essays to Tiny Mix Tapes, and has presented work with ‪‪MoMA PS1‬‬, Artists Space, The New Museum, Rhizome, Control Synthesizers and Electronic Devices, and in residence at NTS Radio. He has done institutional work with ISSUE Project Room, Blank Forms, Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, and Empty Editions, Hong Kong. His recent published music includes “Vampyroteuthia” with Xander Seren, “Vorsch,” and numerous discrete works published in collaboration with Aaron Dowdy and Seren. His recent writing includes the essays “Traditional Music of a Wrecked Species: Dredging New Instruments Out of Bad Technology,” “A Musicology of Exhaustion” with Pat Bean, and “Against Worldbuilding: Fight The Snob Art of the Social Climbers!” He is also currently writing a preliminary treatise of a theory of music centered around an idiosyncratic conception of Wrath, edited by Alec Sturgis, to be published soon. Scavo is also a co-founder of the American Thumbological Society.

Composer, conductor, and flutist Petr Kotik (b. 1942) studied music at the Prague Conservatory and Academy of Music, and in Vienna at the Akademie für Musik und darstellende Kunst.

Kotik is an independent composer and musician and has been all his life. He performs his own works as well as music by other composers with whom he shares artistic orientation. Kotik’s activities have always been guided by issues of today’s music. From the beginning, his abilities and skill as a performer have enabled him to realize projects and events often thought to be unrealistic. His past and present association with musicians of high caliber is one of the reasons for the endurance and often success of his endeavors.